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Ogosta Dance


The history of Dance sport club "OGOSTA dance" - Montana, Bulgaria.

Founded in the spring of 2004 and officially registered with an ideal purpose the following year, sports club OGOSTA dance develops its activities in the centre of Northwestern Bulgaria Montana.

With its training and artistic activities, the club functions as a centre for developing dance techniques and sports mastery.

Founded by a group of young enthusiasts altogether with the coach Veselin Kovachev, the club soon became one of the leading in Northwestern Bulgaria, licensed sports organization and member of BGDSF.

At present OGOSTA dance is one of the developing sports clubs in the country. As a result of the good organization and team working, the first dance formation was created. As a champion of the national tournament, it presented Bulgaria on the World dance championship in Germany. Organizing sports dance tournaments with remarkable scale, representativeness and solemnity turn them into an unforgettable and prestigious event.

Champions in 2008 in Latin American formation.

The dance couples are proud to present the name of OGOSTA dance Montana, having in mind the fact that at present there are 27 sports dance couples and two preparatory groups.

Ogosta Dance